About us

CONH Milliner grew from the great love to the use hats. Each of our pieces is full of symbolism and representations that tell a story, "if the hat fits, wear it" so when you think about our hats, think very well about the one that makes you feel special. We want both, women and men to continue spreading their stories through ours, adding a new element to their wardrobe that makes them feel confident and stand out from the crowd.


Where does CONH source materials?

At CONH milliner, we are engaged in finding materials that identify the essence of each collection, and for this reason we make a journey through the world looking for the right element that represent and symbolize each scene. Always based on the principle of supporting the artisan and local bussines.
Within our supplier countries are Mexico as our main ally with the manufacture of Hats highlighting the great work done by the artisans of Leon de Guanajuato for whom we express all our admiration and gratitude. We also have countries from the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States with the import of silks, cords, leather, among other materials, and Colombia as an inspiring source of love for our roots.